World’s Biggest Pets

All creatures great and tall.

World’s Biggest Pets

For some pet owners big is truly beautiful.  In this curious and enchanting one off we’ll meet some of the world’s biggest animals romping through homes and neighbourhoods near you.  Prepare yourself for looming seven feet tall dogs, rabbits the same weight as a 5 year old and one of the biggest pets on the planet!

Our journey will start in Nottingham as we go on a quest to find the tallest dog in the world.  It’s going to be a tough challenge as over in America Giant George isn’t just the tallest dog in the world, he’s the tallest dog in history! Standing at a monumental 110cm from paw to shoulder, he’s the same height as 2 average golden retrievers and the same weight as 35 Yorkshire Terriers – the Mighty Finn will certainly have a lot to measure up to!

However if you thought that was big wait ‘till you meet Wild Thing.  Ronald from Texas has devoted his life to his pet bison but letting an animal the same size as a small family car wonder round your living room isn’t without its challenges. 

Back in the UK we’ll be catching up with reptile fanatic Nicki from Newcastle.  By her last count she had 88 snakes, lizards and spiders, yet it’s her pet Burmese Python who’s her pride and joy.  Capable of eating her whole, Nicki recently rescued the giant snake from her previous owner who found her too big and too dangerous to handle.

So listen out for the pitter patter of gigantic paws as we bring you a fascinating insight into the amazing world of all creatures great and tall.