Showing people how to spend less and eat better, one family at a time

Eat Well For Less?

Could you save money on your food shop?

Eat Well For Less?

Food shopping these days can be a costly and confusing exercise, with the big supermarkets in price wars their numerous offers may not always be the great deals they appear to be. Add to that conflicting food advice, myths and endless options mean that it’s more difficult than ever to make the right choices when food shopping.

But help is at hand from Gregg Wallace and award winning greengrocer Chris Bavin, who, in this brand new series, are on a mission to help families across the UK save money, sort food facts from food fiction and eat well for less.

Each week they will be confronting a family whose food bills have spiralled out of control and will show them simple and effective ways to save a fortune on their shopping. They will be spying on them in the supermarket, snooping through their cupboards, removing all the labels from their food and swapping some of their beloved brands with alternatives; some cheaper, some more expensive where they think quality is better.

With the help of Dietician Lucy Jones, this series will be looking at whether it’s worth paying extra for premium brands, and gives us some fascinating myth-busting food facts that may surprise you.