Del Boys And Dealers

Will they find a life changing lot?

Del Boys And Dealers

In the heart of South London, the real life Del Boys are on the make. For these wheelers and dealers, every item, no matter how unlikely, is for sale. When it’s time for fresh stock, they head for a very special auction house – Greasby’s in Tooting – which holds fortnightly ‘Trash or Treasure’ auctions.

Sifting through lost property, repossessed goods and house clearances, the wheeler dealers dream of discovering the lot that can transform them into millionaires. But will they have that Only Fools and Horses moment?

Richie has been playing the game for the last decade – trading in everything, but specialising in gold. At a pre-auction viewing day he spots what he thinks is a priceless Japanese print. Can he win the lot? And what is the artwork actually worth?

Toni first started trading in low-value watches two years ago, as she tried to rebuild her life after a devastating illness. Now she dreams of becoming a bona fide dealer of high-end merchandise.

Auction addict Sharon has given up a steady job working in a chemist to become a professional trader. Alongside long-suffering husband Al, she’s now turned their house into a stock room filled with all manner of junk, because in Sharon’s words “sh*t sells.”