We didn't just follow the people themselves as their faces and bodies changed, but met their friends and families as well.

The Making of Me

The Making of Me

The Making of Me

In the UK record numbers of people are changing their gender. But how does a man become a woman and a woman a man? Filmed across 3 dramatic years, this unique series reveals the startling physical transformations as 9 people change themselves forever, whilst uncovering how their families come to terms with the life-changing decision.

Episode 1

Simon and Julie have been married for 35 years, but he’s now decided  to live full time as Jackie and have multiple surgeries. Can the couple successfully start a new life as wife and wife?

26 year old Cairo has had to give up a career in modelling after coming out as a trans man. But can he return to the job he loves, this time as a male model?

Father of two Rupert is embracing a new life as Vicky, but her efforts to pass as a woman are hampered by a deep, masculine voice. Could a trip to an expert in Los Angeles hold the key to completing her transformation?

Episode 2

After more than 25 years of married life, Pete has come out as a trans woman to his wife Marie. Is the love and shared history enough to keep them together, as Pete embarks on a turbulent journey to a new life as Joanne?

Facing a lengthy wait for NHS treatment, student Emma has started self-prescribing hormones in order to physically transition from male to female. But when warned by her doctor against the dangers of buying drugs online, will she continue to self-medicate?

Jay is completely committed to transitioning from male to female, but his Dad is desperate for him to have a change of heart. As surgery to remove his breasts approaches, he’s faced with a life-changing decision.

Episode 3

High-flying businessman Kevin is putting his professional reputation at risk by transitioning to Karen. When she comes out at work, how will colleagues react?

Andrew has known since a young age that he’s male, but some people in his family won’t accept that he’s no longer Melanie. On a rare trip home, can he convince his sister to change her mind?

After struggling with his gender, Tom has finally made the momentous decision to become Brooke. With the help of sister Alice, can she now learn how to become comfortable dressing and living as a woman?

First show from: 11th February 2019 on Channel 4