Fight Dirty

Fight Dirty

Fight Dirty

Fight Dirty is a brand-new show that pits two teams of extremely mucky housemates against each other. They have just five hours to clean up their filthy homes – biggest improvement wins a cash prize of £1000.But there’s a surprise twist – it’s not their own houses they’ll be cleaning, it’s each others’.

 In Belfast our first team are ‘The Party Boys’,  Matthew, Lorcan, Gavin and Ronan. These four students love to throw mad parties, but can’t be bothered to clean up afterwards.

Their opponents in this grubby battle royale are ‘The Partners in Grime’, two happy couples who love to love, but not to clean. Sarah and Jordan share the baddest bedroom in Belfast, while Paddy and Ciaran eat romantic meals in a fly-infested kitchen.

They’re given some basic cleaning instructions and equipment, but how they take on the task is totally up to them.

The Partners In Grime have to take on the horrors of their competitor’s terrible toilet, where a dodgy Mexican meal eaten by Ronan means it’s been blocked for weeks. Paddy nearly takes one for the team when he decides to clean the outside of a window 20 feet in the air, and worst of all, all four have to work out how to unblock a sink full of week-old vomit.

Meanwhile, The Party Boys face a mountain of rotting takeaways, a toxic spaghetti carbonara, and what appears to be a never-ending collection of empty Buckfast bottles. They also uncover the most disgusting underpants in Northern Ireland, try to solve the mystery of why Jordan has 7 mobile phones in his room, and why the cleanest thing in the house (is a book called ‘How to Live with a Big Penis’.) – if inappropriate alternative wording approved by BBC Comm Ed: ‘is a uniquely revealing book’

As well as some truly jaw-dropping filth, along the way there’s top cleaning hacks, like using cola to clean a vile toilet, why damping down mould before scraping it off could save your health. There’s also a special tip from our very own Grime Artist. If there’s one thing she likes more than Grime Music, it’s actual grime and she’s written a track that tells you how to clean your mouldy shower using the power of slugs. Seriously.

After 5 hours of frantic cleaning who’ll be left holding a wet sponge, and who’ll be heading down to the pub with £1,000 in beer money? This contest really is win-win: the triumphant team get the cash while the losers return to the cleanest home.