Choose The Right Puppy For You?

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Choose The Right Puppy For You?

There are over 200 different breeds of dog, all with their own unique personalities, traits and needs. So how do you choose the right one for you and your lifestyle?

Over 120,000 dogs are given up to rescue centres every year, and choosing the wrong dog for your lifestyle is considered one of the biggest issues in animal welfare in the UK today.

Fronted by Kate Humble, alongside expert dog behaviourist and trainer Louise Glazebrook, this series reveals how to Choose the Right Puppy for You.

The series follows five very different families on their extraordinary journeys to find a suitable dog. From a family who have never owned a dog before, to a single flight attendant who is trying to find a dog to fit in with his busy life; from a couple whose dog recently died, to a family searching for a very special pet for their autistic son and a single father of three who lives in a flat.

The programmes follow these families as they choose a breed, find a reputable breeder and finally bringing their puppy home. They’ll discover that all these stages present their own challenges – luckily Louise Glazebrook is on hand with advice and a unique experience for the families, in which they’ll try different breeds of dog before making a decision. But ultimately its their decision – will the families choose the right puppy for them?

Alongside the families’ stories, Kate Humble is discovering the truth about different breeds of dogs. In a series of entertaining and revealing tests and demonstrations, she’ll reveal which breeds need most exercise, which are the most prone to barking or chewing, which cost the most, which shed the most hair, and which are the most trainable.

Packed with information, and featuring information about a multitude of breeds of dog – from Shih Tzus to Newfoundlands – it’s an indispensable guide for anyone looking for a puppy and for dog lovers everywhere.