RDF has been commissioned to deliver a further 3×60 series of BBC Four’s documentary series, MAKE! Craft Britain. The series has been ordered by Owen Courtney, Commissioning Editor for BBC Four.

Britain is a nation of crafters and MAKE! Craft Britain celebrates the explosion in the number of craft classes and workshops all over Britain and the new popularity that craft is enjoying.

MAKE! CRAFT Britain invites viewers to slow down and enjoy a forensic and beautiful exploration of creativity and the act of making itself as a group of students – some of them absolute beginners – get to grips with two brand new crafts each week.

The series features some of the best craft teachers working in Britain today, and celebrates techniques from the most ancient – Hooky Rug-Making and Letterpress – to the most modern – Silver-clay Jewelry – to traditional crafts enjoying a new lease of life – Mosaics, Cross-Stitch Embroidery and Knitting. And each episode is shot in breath-taking scenery, landscapes that have helped to shape Britain’s Craft traditions down the centuries. Throughout the series, viewers will be able to visit the website for simple How-To guides for all the makes, including fold-along guides from Origami Teacher Sam Tsang.

Teresa Watkins, Exec Producer, says:

‘There’s something hugely uplifting about seeing ordinary people overcoming the voice in their head that says they’re not very creative or not very ‘good’ at art and achieve something totally wonderful in a short space of time with the help of an inspirational teacher. It makes you want to pick up the nearest pair of scissors and start making something yourself.’

Owen Courtney, Commissioning Editor for BBC Four:

‘With craft considered to be one of the best possible antidotes to the stresses of modern life MAKE! CRAFT Britain celebrates that people around the country are discovering the simple pleasure of learning a new skill, and the enormous sense of pride and wellbeing that craft can bring as creativity is unleashed and hands are put to use.’

Make! Craft Britain is an RDF production for BBC Four. RDF is a Banijay UK company.

Executive Producer: Teresa Watkins / Senior Producer: Sam Burr / Director: Lulu Valentine



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