Channel 4 today announces a new 6×60 series produced by RDF West (based in Bristol). Craft It Yourself is an interior design craft series that taps into the very latest trends and techniques from the craft worlds of furniture, baking, ceramic and textiles.


Crafting has always been huge in the UK, but now it has a whole new generation of devotees. Knitting and quilting will always be the King and Queen, but websites like Pinterest and Houzz are fuelling a crafting renaissance. Home and Craft are two of the most searched terms on Pinterest and this new series aims to combine our renewed love of craft with stunning interiors.  


Clemency Green is a maker of beautifully crafted cakes and passionate novice when it comes to craft; Ant Anstead is luxury car maker and enthusiastic all rounder; Robin Johnson a bespoke furniture maker and lover of wood. All three craft beautiful and innovative objects, of varying degrees of difficulty and price.  Whether it’s a tile-painting,  giant arm knitting, or the good old art of whittling, they leave no craft unturned.  


Each week our presenters attempt to makeover a room in a different popular interior theme from  Cuban to boho. They are of course fighting for bragging rights on the best make. They’ll also visit mastercraftspeople to road test crafts you can learn in a weekend, and crafts on a budget.


The programme was commissioned by Gill Wilson, Head of Features at Channel 4, who said:

‘This is a beautiful take on interiors, and genuinely insightful for those looking to make huge changes, without huge amounts of money’


The Exec Producer is Andrew Anderson, who added: ‘This series has been a real eye opener on the extraordinary things you can make with a bit of know-how and a whole heap of enthusiasm.’


The Series Producer is Claire Edwards. RDF West is a Banijay UK Company.


The programme will air later this year.


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