Secret Life of 5 Year Olds on Holiday

Channel 4’s award-winning The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds returns for a one off special taking eight of their much-loved cast and their families for an adventure abroad in Turkey. A cast of four girls and four boys including Jack, Harper, Iris and Sienna have dusted off their bucket and spade for some fun in the Autumn sun, watching their foreign forays unfold and offering insight into the children’s behaviour are experts in child development, Dr Elizabeth Kilbey and Prof Paul Howard-Jones.

At a time when the UK’s children have less freedom and more structure how will these 5-6 year olds behave away from their usual routines? Jack is a thoughtful boy but struggles to be impulsive. So what does he do when faced with an opportunity that is both enticing but also daring? Nathan is given a chance to indulge himself in a way that goes against everything he is used to. So does he choose to let himself go? And Iris creates the most unforgettable of moments with her family when she makes her first ever trip to the beach.

Breaking new ground for the series, in this episode we will truly see how our children flower away from the nursery and their everyday lives. With their parents there to support them we will have an intimate view of the relationships, choices and memories they make whilst in a different world.

First shown on Channel 4; 27th December 2018