First of all, please be aware that we only take on interns and cover runners who have left full time education.   This is so that if people show potential we can carry them forward to the next stage in their career without them having to return to college or university.  All work is paid at the London Living Wage.  We do NOT take unpaid work experience at RDF; please see our short section on “Work Experience” which explains our policy in more detail.

RDF Internship

RDF Television runs a prestigious Intern Scheme for people wanting to get into the television industry.  The Scheme is not exclusive to graduates.  We have a team of five INTERNS at any one time who are given a six month contract; if all goes well, they get an additional two months as a junior researcher or junior coordinator (depending on which path they want to follow) which gives them a solid grounding for their future career.

During the initial six months, the interns’ main responsibility is to keep the office running smoothly.  However, when a production needs a runner, the interns step in.  This gives them valuable experience, as well as building their confidence and highlighting their skills. We also give each intern a camera course in their fifth month. As you can imagine, this is a much sought after training scheme and we are very selective when choosing candidates.

Cover Runners

If an intern is on a production, it is then that we need a cover runner to take their place in the office during the intern’s absence.  Although we have no vacancies for interns at the moment, the requirement for cover runners can change from week to week.  For this reason we do try and meet as many new entrants as possible, so please make sure your covering letter is concise and that your CV is clearly laid out and with as much detail on as few pages as possible! 

Cover runners work on an ad hoc basis. 

Cover running does not guarantee an internship.

If you are a new entrant and wish to apply to RDF Television please send your details to

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