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ITV Daytime commissions third series of RDF quiz show Tipping Point

Posted on 26th March 2013

ITV Daytime today announces that it has commissioned a third series of hit afternoon quiz show Tipping Point, presented by Ben Shephard.  

Following the success of the first two series of Tipping Point, ITV has commissioned 70 more episodes of the 60 minute programme.

A game of knowledge, skill and tactics, Tipping Point is centred around an extraordinary machine filled with counters worth thousands of pounds.

Players must answer questions to win turns on the machine. Get a question wrong and the machine won’t pay out resulting in the player with the least amount of money at the end getting eliminated.

The last player standing goes head to head with the Tipping Point machine and they’ll be focused on just one counter – the golden jackpot disc. Again, answering questions for the right to play the machine, they’ll win a big cash sum if they can make it release the jackpot counter.

Tipping Point is an RDF Television commission for ITV1. It was commissioned by ITV Commissioning Editor for Factual and Daytime, Diana Howie. The Executive Producers for RDF are Jim Allen, Peter Usher, and Hugh Rycroft

Commissioning Editor for ITV Factual and Daytime, Diana Howie said:   

“We are delighted with the continued success of Tipping Point and very much looking forward to further building its status as a key ITV Daytime quiz show alongside the huge success of The Chase”

RDF Television is a Zodiak Media Company. Zodiak Rights own worldwide rights to Tipping Point.